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Legler Basketball

Tim Legler speaking to kids at his basketball camp at Total Turf Experience
Legler Morning Basketball Camp
Boys & Girls Ages 13-16
Legler Morning Basketball Camp
Boys & Girls Ages 10-12
Legler Morning Basketball Camp
Boys & Girls Ages 8-9

-"How involved is Tim Legler during the camp?"
  Answer: Tim plans each detail of every day of the camp. He is the first one there and the last one to leave. He runs stations, coaches games, referees, and gives lectures/ lessons each day.

-"My son/daughter recently just turned/or is about to turn the age of the next group.  Can I play them up or down?"
  Answer: Yes, you may keep them down an age group or play them up if you feel they will be more comfortable in that group. We only suggest playing up for those that are advanced and his/her birthday is close to the camp dates.

-"My son/daughter is nervous about coming to camp and wants to be sure to be with his/her friends"
  Answer: The best part of coming to this camp is playing with new players and making new friends. We do not group kids per request (it would be impossible for Tim to arrange all requests and run the most efficient camp), rather by similar skill sets. They may or may not end up on their friends' team, but they will definitely make new friends. The camp is fast paced and is in constant rotation of drills.  There is little time to feel uncomfortable. There will be times when they get to hang out with their friends throughout the day.

-"My son/daughter is new at basketball, can he/she still come?" 
  Answer: YES! We have campers of all skill levels. We group kids with similar skill levels for the drills so that they all work at the same pace. For team games, we spread out the skill level so the teams are evenly matched.

-"Who are your counselors and how much personal attention will my camper receive?"
  Answer: Our counselors are comprised of local high school coaches and current or former college players. Our ratio of counselor per camper is 1:8-10.

-"Can we play my son/daughter up?"
  Answer: Only if the age is within a few months.  We recommend campers playing in their own age group. Its what will be best for them and the camp. If the camper is size wise not comparable to kids in their group, we can figure out what is best according to size and skill level. Please contact us to see which is best.

-"Can my 7 year old register?"
  Answer: We do accept 7 year olds at the parents discretion. Will your camper be happy playing with kids close to 10 years old? Does your child have the attention span? Does your child have the strength/ stamina? If you think they will enjoy camp, then we will happily accept them.

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