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What is your refund policy?

Please note that when scheduling a rental there are NO REFUNDS unless cancelled 4 weeks before.   For last minute bookings, we DO NOT offer credits for clients who book and cancel within FOUR weeks of booking.   Regarding events and birthday parties:  these deposits are non-refundable and used to hold the time and date and will be put towards the final bill for the event.

How do I book a birthday party or other event?

Most of the information you will need to inquire about parties and events can be found here:  Total Turf Experience I Rentals

If you have any specific questions or would like to book a party, please call the facility at 856-218-8091

Do you offer memberships?

At this time we do not offer a membership.  Booking a court or turf can be done by calling the facility and renting it.

Do you have a lost and found?

As you can imagine, we get a large amount of things left behind on a daily basis.  Our policy is to hold all items for one week and if they are not claimed in that time frame, they are generously donated to a worthy charity.

Do you have open court time?

We do not offer open court time.  You can call in at any time to check for availability and rent the court at a very reasonable and competitive rate.

Can I bring my own food in?

We have a full-service grille that will meet your needs for any event or birthday party.  For sporting events, there are plenty of options that are made fresh every day at our own 614 Grille.

What is your current COVID policy?

The most recent updates for our policy can be found here:  Covid Info | totalturfexperience

Do you have Pickleball at night?

Currently we do not have scheduled Pickleball at night. You can always rent a court for time with friends if you would like to play for an hour or two.  All of the information on Pickleball can be found here:  Pickleball | Total Turf Experence | Sports

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for great team members and will hold applications on file even if there are not immediate positions open.  Please find the application here:  Employment Application | totalturfexperience

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