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Scholar Athletes Leadership Academy

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Scholar Athletes Leadership Academy (SALA) is a New Jersey, state-registered private school offering a comprehensive 6-12th grade education together with prioritized, specialized skills-training and ongoing leadership development.

Infusing and balancing traditional teacher-led delivery with a self-directed learning ethos, Scholar Athletes Leadership Academy ensures a cutting-edge, blended, and contemporary approach to teaching and learning.  Harnessing the calming and inspiring influence of a like-minded cohort, young scholar athletes are inspired, educated and empowered in their pursuit of academic and sporting excellence.  Our response curricula allows students to customize the pacing and delivery of content according to their own unique learning style.  The radical personalization of the learning experience at our schools affords each student an individualized development plan; with a blend of master teachers and a bespoke program of study.  Our schools offer the synchronicity for students to pursue their athletic dreams, obtain a high quality education and maintain a healthy family lifestyle.

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