Birthday Parties


Total Turf strives to make your parties effortless & fun.  Let us do the work for you!  

All extra food must be ordered from the menu below and should be ordered no later than 4 days before your event.  Thank you!

You will need to bring cake/cupcakes and party favors or goodie bags, if desired. 

No other outside food allowed

Package A


Good for up to 25 guests without Moon Bounce

~ 1/4 Field in Arena or 1 Basketball Court

~ 1 & 1/2 Hours of Sports/Games

~ 1/2 Hour In Party Room for Food

~ Includes 2 Party Hosts

~ 4 Pizzas, Popcorn, Beverages, Table Cloths, & Basic Supplies

Package B
Good for up to 50 guests  or if renting Bounce House

~ 1/2 Field in Arena or 2 Basketball Courts

~ 1 & 1/2 Hours of Sports/Games

~ 1/2 Hour In Party Room for Food

~ Includes 2 Party Hosts

~ 4 Pizzas, Popcorn, Beverages, Table Cloths, & Basic Supplies

Sports Options
For each party, please pick 2 sports

      ~ Soccer                                      ~ Basketball                                ~ Tennis Baseball

     ~ Kickball                                   ~ Dodgeball                                ~ Wiffleball

     ~ Volleyball                                ~ Flag Football                           ~ Futsal      

Additional Option -
Renting the Bouncy House 
Bouncy House +$75.00 - must choose Package "B" as the Bouncy House will take up 1/2 of the basketball court.


The Sports Arena is a 15x15 commercial grade Bounce House  that is perfect for kids parties!

Bounce House

 The Bouncy House will be set up and available for use throughout the party.  It will run concurrently with the 2 chosen sports being played.

Party packages can be chosen from our pre-planned parties but can also be customized to your specific needs and ideas. 


Both Package A & Package B generally feed an average of 12-18 kids. Of course, this depends on age and other variables. Please let us know if you would like to supplement the package with additional food options  (listed below).

*Parties over 25 guests will require a total of 3 party hosts and cost an additional $25.00

**Parties over 50 guests will require a total of 4 party hosts and cost an additional $50.00
 Additional Food Items Available
  • Chicken Finger Platter (15 chicken fingers) & Sauces                                                         .....         $20.00
  • Cheese Pizza   .....................................................................                                                                   $15.00
  • Pizza w/ 1 Topping ................                                                                                                                    $18.00
  • Cold Cut Sandwich Tray - (condiments on side - Qty. 15 - 3" pieces)                                             $30. 00                                                Pick and choose or chef’s choice of assortment                                                                                            Choice of one protein and one cheese per sandwich                                             

                                                                 ~ Turkey                                           ~ Swiss      

                                                                        ~ Ham                                               ~ American

                                                                        ~ Hard Salami                                 ~ Provolone 

                                                                                                       ~ Roast Beef

  • Just Burgers  (10 sandwiches cut in half) / with cheese                                                                  $47.50/$50.00 

  • Hotdog tray (10 dogs with buns)                                                                                                                      $27.50

  • Chicken Sandwiches fried or grilled  (10 sandwiches cut in half)                                                              $47.50

  • Chicken wings (20.  Choice of garlic parm, BBQ, dry, or hot sauce with honey)                                        $27.50

  • Mozzarella sticks (15 sticks with marinara on side)                                                                                   $20.00

  • Eggrolls  (10 cut in half.  Choice of  buffalo chicken or cheese steak                                                             $27.00

  • Hot hors d'oeuvres Tray  Can include an assortment of the following:                                         $52.50  

Fried meatballs, spring egg rolls, chicken skewers, pretzel dogs (40 pieces, 10 of each)


All Salads come in a 5 quart bowl

  • Pasta Salad with Italian Dressing  served with chopped veggies/with meat & cheese            $40.00/45.00

  • Tossed/Vegetable Garden with lettuce, tomatoes, onions                                                                        $25.00

  • Caesar cheese, croutons, Caesar dressing / with grilled chicken                                                       $40.00/$45.00

  • Macaroni with mayonnaise, minced onion & shredded carrots                                                                        $31.00


Prices subject to change.

Please call: 856-218-8091
Deposit to hold space and time non-refundable

Gratuity for the hosts is not included.  Our party hosts work hard to satisfy your needs for a wonderful party experience.  If you feel they did their job and met your expectations, please feel free to tip them!

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